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Mar 14, 2013
A perfect release

While there is more to say when, the words, in the said, say to the said person, is a kind of perfect release.

The fact is, there are few off the reel time, also, and not to say, in the say when, say to that person listened, just like the last night, disappointment, despair, with a little hope.

Then, may be defined as: things you think, is to be expected that, occurs exclusively in you completely contrary to expectation, exceeding one's expectations.

But, the fact of the matter is, things just happened.

Oh, contrary to expectation occurred on her birth!

Buddha said: flowers in the world, therefore, a boat and know the world autumn, not Langdexuming, not weakness lends wings to rumours.

We have to go again, why, where, to where, this to more or less the same?

The scientists say, we come from a place called the origin, no size, no shape, no time, no space without death, does not destroy. Also can say, all life began in a fling caution to the winds of destruction. Perhaps, this not immortality, does not destroy the contradiction is the real unity. To fire, first fire. On the person is, love, be loved; love, people hate the constant. Mountains, rivers, everything is so.

The world only in one room. The wide world without tracing, only in the heart of Lingtai!

In the hundreds of millions of years ago, the world first, chaos, lifeless, in fact, we have already exists. Millions of years later, we prove my life and prosperity, but ignore the essence of things that exist, only in their own nest in the intoxicated, mark.

We always inevitable repeated the same mistake, has been split between things, not to be trampled over criterion, but, always diligently to under the guise of his own hypocrisy, laughing at another one of his funny. All active, we are of the same.

You, me, we live in such a world. I am a part of you, you are a part of me. I do affect you do, what you say is changing what I say. If you harm, is another one of his cruelty, harm to others, such as the cloud. If you help others, that is to save another myself, of course, is your merit, or the benefit of their own.

Someone says, in the dream will see the true self. Is it right? No matter the dream represents your ideal, undeniable is, dream really reflects what you want. The dream is beautiful, your life is colorful; dream is evil, then life will not go, because, you see exactly has not seen the thing you fear most.

Doing a good deed, afraid of being found, but more is how the more reserved, can easily be found, this is the induction, telepathy, you were someone else feel oneself do bad, this is very normal thing. All things are interlinked, so can the mutual induction, pull one hair and use the whole body.

So, have right to speak most probably is water, water is the source of life, the answer to life the water knows.

Posted at 12:02 am by katherine77
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